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Cayman Islands business directory.
The most complete business directory to ALL businesses and companies in the Cayman Islands - a world famous offshore financial and Caribbean island tourism destination.


Cayman Islands area code - (345)

Tourist Attractions

  Adventures in Little Cayman 926-0104 948-0104
  Atlantis Submarines 949-7700 949-8574
  Boatswain's Beach - Cayman Turtle Farm 949-3894 949-1387
  Botanic Park - Queen Elizabeth ll 947-9462 947-7873
  Caribbean Pirate Ltd 943-7444 943-7443
  Carson's Stingray City Tours. 916-7283  
  Cayman Craft Market 949-0049 949-6668
  Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce 949-8090 949-0220
  Cayman Islands Helicopters 943-4354 946-0468
  Cayman Islands Tourism Attaction Board - TAB 949-6999 949-6668
  Cayman Turtle Farm Ltd 949-3894 949-1387
  Hell 949-6999 947-9462
  Jolly Roger 945-7245 949-3161
  National Gallery of the Cayman Islands 945-8111 945-7103
  Pedro St. James "Pedro Castle" 947--3329 947-2611
  Pirates of the Caymans 945-7245  
  Pirate's Week Festival 949-5859 949-5449
  Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park 947-9462 947-7873
  Sam McCoy's Fishing & Diving Lodge 948-0104  
  Spirit of the West 916-6488  

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