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Cayman Islands area code - (345)

Liquors, Beers & Wines - Retail Stores (Spirits, Alcohol, Ales, Brewery/Breweries)


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  Big Daddy's Liquor (The Falls) 945-5341  
  Big Daddy's Liquor (Foster's Airport) 949-0525  
  Big Daddy's Liquor (Buckingham Square) 946-9330  
  Big Daddy's Liquor & Snacks (West Bay Rd) 949-8186 949-0713
  Blackbeard's Liquors (Discount Outlet) 949-8763 949-8764
  Blackbeard's Liquors (Seven Mile Shops) 949-0938  
  Blackbeard's Liquors (The Strand) 945-8003  
  Blackbeard's Liquors (Grand Harbour) 947-8575  
  Miss Lorna Bodden Shop 947-2385  
  Bottle Shop Liquor Store 949-9198 949-9198
  Brenton's Sea-Land Ltd 945-5260  
  Cayman Liquor Store 949-4333 949-4444
  Crown Liquors 949-0938  
  Grand Cayman Bottlers & Blenders 946-9150  
  J Wray & Nephew International Ltd 946-7172 946-7173
  Jacques Scott Little Liquor Store (N. Church St) 949-4420 945-5302
  Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits (Shedden Rd) 949-0277 949-2316
  Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits (Galleria Plaza) 945-5260 949-2316
  Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits (Countryside) 947-1536 949-2316
  Joe-Ena's Liquor Store 949-3281  
  Liquor 4 Less (George Town) 949-3797  
  Liquor 4 Less (Eastern Ave) 949-6977  
  Liquor 4 Less (Savannah Plaza) 949-1999  
  Little Liquor Store 949-4420 949-2316
  Oasis Texaco Bodden Town 947-2385  
  Overton Traders Ltd 949-9198  
  Premier Wines & Spirits Flagship Store 946-6688  
  Red Rabbit Liquor Store 947-1536 939-2316
  Reflections Discount Club 949-3797  
  Tortuga Duty Free Liquors (N. Church St) 949-8866 949-0757
  Tortuga Duty Free Liquors (Airport) 949-2258  
  Tortuga Liquors (West Shore) 949-4163  
  Tortuga Liquors (Bay Harbour Plaza) 949-8769  
  Tortuga Liquors (Selkirk Plaza) 945-7655  
  Vino Veritas Wine Company 526-8466 947-1605
  West Indies Wine Company 945-2222  

Cayman Brac & Little Cayman
  Big Daddy's (Cayman Brac) 948-8186  
  Brac Distributors - J Stephen Foster 948-1537  

Liquors, Beers & Wines - Wholesale Stores (Spirits, Alcohol, Ales, Brewery/Breweries)

  Big Daddy's (Cayman Brac) 948-8186  
  Bodden Beverages 949-8222 949-2116
  Cayman Distributors Ltd 945-2222 949-4444
  Jacques Scott & Co Ltd 949-7600  
  Premier Wines & Spirits 943-3333  
  Stingray Brewery 947-6699 947-6652
  Wine Cellar Wholesale 949-7600 949-2316



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