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Cayman Islands area code - (345)

Counselling Services, Counsellors, Coaches: Mediation, Employee/Learning Support, Conflict Management; Relationship, Workplace, Family & Parenting Skills; Marital/Alcohol/Sexual/Physical/Substance Abuse, Financial Planning; Stress, Grief, Phobias, Sexuality, Physical & Emotional Wellbeing; Personal & Community Health


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  Cathy Alberga - Mental Health Counsellor 945-6570 945-6570
  Bethesda Counselling Centre 946-6575  
  Cayman Outreach Association 947-1717  
  Cayman Physiotherapy Ltd 949-8828 946-0595
  Counselling Services - Terry Delaney 526-1378 746-3315
  Department of Counselling Services 949-8789 949-0767
  Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 949-9559 949-0301
  Marlene Gagnon 916-4953  
  Hope Academy 769-4673  
  Meghoo Rev. 947-7761  
  Narcotics Anonymous Helpline 929-6262  
  National Drug Councel (NDC) 949-9000  
  Rayle Roberts & Associates 946-9389  
  Solutions Ltd 949-1327.  
  The Wellness Centre 949-WELL (9355) 949-9433
  Women's Resource Centre 949-0006 946-3912
  Young Parents' Programme 945-8996  

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